<div style=”transition: none 0s ease 0s; display: block;” data-rss-type=”text”> n n Everyone gets tired and worn out at some point. What are YOU going to do to make sure that you get up each day and keep grinding? What do you need to cultivate inside yourself to make sure you are prepared to show up every day, regardless of tired voices inside your head? I want to encourage you to practice the idea of grit in your life so that you can become more confident, resilient, and productive in your personal and professional lives!n n <br/> n <br/> n n You might be wondering, what is grit? Well, here are a few characteristics and traits associated with grit. Practice these concepts and traits to increase your own grit!n n <br/> n <br/> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Optimism and Confidencen n </b> n </font> n <br/> n n A person who has grit has the self-confidence to approach situations with optimism and is able to handle both success and failure with an equal degree of tact and calm. Anyone can succeed with grace but it takes a gritty person to demonstrate professionalism in both successes and failures. A deep sense of confidence allows you to remain stable and resolute in the face of challenges.n n <br/> n <br/> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Creativityn n </b> n </font> n <br/> n n The ability to adapt, adjust, and try again is a huge component of grit. A great deal of creativity is needed to be able to navigate all of the challenges that you will face. If one idea fails how can you adjust and create a new solution? YOU have the power to adapt to what life throws at you if you let your creativity shine through!n n <br/> n <br/> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Resilience and Couragen n </b> n </font> n <br/> n n One of the most prominent components of grit is the determination to not give up when things get tough. You must be resilient and courageous in the face of the storm! The adversity you are experiencing is temporary and a gritty person will navigate through trying times with a steady, confident stride.n n <br/> n <br/> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Drawn to Excellence, not Perfectionn n </b> n </font> n <br/> n n Goals are extremely important to personal growth and professional success, but finding yourself in a constant state of striving after external results can be exhausting — sometimes we do all that we can and still fail! A person with grit is drawn to excellence more than perfection. Perfection is something that can fall outside of our control while the pursuit of excellence is a state of mind and being. When you pursue excellence instead of perfection, you will find yourself less drained and more proud and confident in your achievements.n n <br/> n <br/> n n I hope you see the value of grit and work to cultivate this mindset in your own life! What are you waiting for?n n <br/> n <br/> n</div>