<div style=”transition: none 0s ease 0s; display: block;” data-rss-type=”text”> n n Public speaking might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But as a recognized public speaker, author, and pitch coach, I’ve learned just how valuable speaking really is. While your entire career might not consist of speaking in front of an audience frequently, getting good at speaking may actually benefit you more than you know!n n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Here are the top 5 reasons why you should nail public speaking:n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <b> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n n Increased Self-Confidence n n </font> n </b> n </div> n <div> n <font style=””> n n One of the major benefits of speaking publicly is learning that you can. What you once thought was a terrifying and difficult feat is then realized as an accomplishment. The more you put yourself out there, you learn self-awareness (i.e. how fast or slow you’re speaking), how to read the crowd, as well as how to capture the attention of your audience. These skills help to develop your character and make you a well-rounded communicator which will definitely help you in the long-run!n n </font> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Better Job Opportunities n n </b> n </font> n </div> n <div> n n It’s worth noting that even if you aren’t looking for a career in public speaking, learning to speak with confidence is important in any interview with a potential employer. If you can learn to embody a confident speaker, then more doors will open for you, whether or not your skills and experience are quite up to par with the job requirements. More employers hire applicants that confidently and eloquently present themselves as capable of doing the job well and make a great first impression.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, then better public speaking skills will gain trust with potential clients and earn you a spot as the go-to person for solving their problems. The more clear and concise your messaging, the more sales you could potentially make! n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Sets You Apartn n </b> n </font> n </div> n <div> n n If you’re not set on being the authority in your particular profession, then at the very least proficient public speaking skills can set you apart from the average Joe. If a promotion in the workplace is what you’re after, then speaking well makes a huge difference. Sharing your ideas at the next business meeting or volunteering to tackle a presentation that most people shudder at are great ways to take initiative and stand out in the workplace.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n But let’s be honest, if you’re not willing to be the authority where you are, what are you even doing there? If you’re ready to take your speaking skills to the next level, then I want to work with you! Check out my services here and let’s start today!n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n Enhances Your Knowledgen n </b> n </font> n </div> n <div> n n The saying goes, “The best way to learn is to teach.” The more you teach, the more you’ll learn! When you teach a subject to someone, you’re expanding on the knowledge you’ve acquired. When you practice speaking publicly, you build a greater understanding of a concept. Often you’ll learn how to make an impact through clarifying your message and how to simplify a complex idea. Not to mention, you’ll most likely increase your vocabulary and master persuasive speech – it’s a win-win situation!n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <font style=”color: rgb(255, 58, 173);”> n <b> n n A Conduit of Changen n </b> n </font> n </div> n <div> n n More often than not, we make a much greater impression in-person than we do in emails. Most of us trust the people we’ve met and had conversations with and many of us are motivated by the people who bring brilliant ideas to life through their speech. When you master the art of public speaking, you can truly influence the type of change you wish to see in the world.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n While most people fear public speaking to the point that it’s avoided, I’m here to take the edge off and show you that it’s possible. If you’re ready to bring change to those around you, then I want to help you succeed! Check outn n <a href=”httpss://www.perfectpitchesbyprecious.com/store/” target=”_blank”> n n my servicesn n </a> n n and let’s work together!n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n</div>