<div style=”transition: none 0s ease 0s; display: block;” data-rss-type=”text”> n <div> n <span style=”background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”> n n With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the use of virtual meetings will continue to be a part of our professional lives. When you’re in a virtual meeting the environment you set becomes a part of your brand. This adds a layer of complexity as you try to land your pitch. Here are a few strategies to keep your audience engaged and for you to be memorable, even virtually. n n </span> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <b> n n Set up your officen n </b> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n This can be a great experience and opportunity for you to create a productive and inviting work environment. When hosting a meeting, it’s best if your work office is a quiet space with a strong internet connection to avoid distractions. You want to ensure that the background your audience will see through your webcam is professional and that you have optimal lighting. When decorating, choose items that will not be distracting but are reflective of your personality and most importantly, make you feel happier. n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <b> n n Check your equipment n n </b> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Prior to your meeting, do a quick test of your equipment. Ensure that your sound and microphone are working properly. Check yourself out on your webcam so that you know what angle captures your face best. n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <b> n n Presentation tipsn n </b> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Practice. Practice. Practice. Even if you know the material you will be speaking about, even if you’ve given this pitch 100 times before, PRACTICE. Your work ethic is something you can control. If you know that you gave it your all prior to your meeting, you’ll never doubt that you didn’t work hard enough. n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Dress-up in an outfit that represents your professionalism and makes you feel confident. Have a glass of water nearby. To loosen-up the crowd, if appropriate, incorporate creative icebreakers through your virtual meeting. Ice-breakers are also a great way to boost engagement and create a memorable experience. n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Mute your notifications. I know, this seems obvious but it is often missed. This includes any sound notifications that may come into your phone or laptop. In general, I like to make sure that my desktop is as clean as possible. I only have pages up that I will be using during the presentation and I pause all pop-up notifications on my laptop (very important if you are screen-sharing). n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Try to look into the camera when presenting and please, do NOT try to multitask. I’ve seen this happen several times where a speaker gets a break or is “listening” and their eyes start to wander off to the side. You might be smooth, but trust me, it’s very obvious. n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n I hope these tips help build your confidence and personal brand as we continue to Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets for the foreseeable future. If you’re struggling to build your brand and create a killer pitch that will blow prospective clients away, even virtually,n n <a href=”httpss://www.perfectpitchesbyprecious.com/contact” target=”_blank”> n n contact men n </a> n n today to start learning how to master the pitch!n n </div> n</div>