<div style=”transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out 0s;” data-rss-type=”text”> n <div> n n Hello, I am Precious and I am your “Fairy” Pitch Master. I am here to help you solve your problems with your elevator pitch.n n </div> n <div> n n Let me be clear, watching Shark Tank is incredibly educational and entertaining. As an entrepreneur, every Friday, I watch “Shark Tank” because it is one of my favorite shows and it shows that pitching is not easy. The more I watch “Shark Tank” the more I see that great pitches stand out and really causes the Sharks to pay attention and want to learn more about the business being featured. But as The #KillerPitchMaster, I know that Shark Tank does not teach you all you need to know about pitching.n n </div> n <div> n n Pitching is more that stringing great words together and asking for money. To create a great pitch, there are many considerations that I will address below. Suffice it to say, choosing the right words is just the beginning.n n </div> n <div> n n Pitching begins first in the mind. You must prepare yourself to do battle because it is not a game. Writing a pitch is incredibly difficult. I know and I do it for a living! How do you know what to highlight in a pitch? How long do you have to pitch? Can I clearly state what my business does and why I am asking for the money? Would I invest money in my company based on my pitch? Real questions mean real talk…n n </div> n <div> n n To pitch well, here are things not addressed on “Shark Tank.”n n </div> n <div> n n 1. Begin with the End in Mind. We all know you are pitching for money but is there a bigger goal on the line? Press, mentorship and building a relationship with someone who can take your business to the next level should always be considered. Money is great but will only get you so far. Exposure and the right connection can take you over the top!n n </div> n <div> n n 2. Start Off with a Bang and End with Fireworks! (Cheryl Wood) You have to start strong and finish in dramatic fashion. If you hook your audience in the very beginning, they will listen to your entire pitch. If you end dramatically, they will want to hear more and be at your mercy. So start off with something they are not expecting, a story, a startling statistic or a point that is slightly controversial and you will have them until the end. When you end, go all out so that they remember you long after the conversation has ended.n n </div> n <div> n n 3. Over-deliver Each and Every Time! Your pitch is designed to make a compelling case for your company. Now is the not the time to be modest. You want to tittilate, excite and cause a reaction out of your audience. Don’t be dry, boring or insincere. Rise to the occasion. Your audience will expect a decent pitch but you want to blow your audience and competition away. You do this by over-delivering. By standing out, your audience will listen and beg for more.n n </div> n <div> n n I hope you enjoyed my take on pitching. I truly enjoy teaching others how to pitch.n n </div> n <div> n n As always, GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!n n </div> n</div>