<div style=”transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out 0s;” data-rss-type=”text”> n n Let’s face it! Most people are afraid of public speaking, let alone pitching. I get it and totally understand.n n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Why is pitching important? Pitching is an important skill that will set you apart from the masses in any situation. A great pitch will have you remembered in job interviews (gaining you the job), networking events, and even get you noticed by media outlets. In fact, a great pitch will have customers and clients flocking to retain your services and buy your products. All these are WINS. You pitch to win and be different from everyone else, hands down!n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Can you skate by in life by not pitching at all? No! Most people would love to never pitch but once you gain the confidence to pitch yourself, your company, your gifts, skills and talents at all times, you will see that you will RISE above and #slayallcompetition.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n ​When it comes to the pitching game, I want you to get beyond your fear. I want you to F.E.A.R. pitching. What is F.E.A.R.? Face Everything and Rise!n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Face your fear. Face yourself. Face your internal self doubt and insecurity. Face your competition with confidence. With pitching coaching, guidance and support, you can win, each and every time. Blow the others away as if they didn’t even exist!n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Face Everything and Rise. You can do this! I promise to give you tips each and every week on LinkedIn but if you do not take it seriously, it will all be for naught. You have all the tools in you to #kickass in pitching.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n As a 327 pound, severely overweight, African American woman, I could have let my perceived flaws hold me back from stepping on any stage and pitching my business. I did not let any of that stop me. I won 13 elevator pitch competitions in less than 2 years and became recognized as an expert in the field. I have appeared on everything from ABC, MSNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine and many more television programs and publications for my ability to transcend pitching into an art form. I have beaten Ivy League graduates, cool tech companies, etc. I will never allow myself to feel less than in any competition, networking event, or presentation. I go full force with the gift GOD gave me. I can and will help you when you are ready to F.E.A.R. and take your pitching to the next level.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n It is my pleasure to share with all of you. My name is Precious L. Williams and I am the Founder and CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC.n n <br/> n </div> n</div>