<h3 style=”transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out 0s;”> n n Make sure your brand reflects the real you!n n</h3> n<div style=”transition: none 0s ease 0s; display: block;” data-rss-type=”text”> n n Sometimes we believe that the only way to succeed is to “fake it ‘til you make it”. But plenty of customers are looking for authenticity! They can sniff out phony and they’ll immediately run for the hills when they smell it.n n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <b> n n Is Your Marketing Authentic? Or Can Your Clients Smell the Phony?n n </b> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Is your brand authentically portraying YOU, or are you trying hard to be someone you’re not? If red lipstick and stilettos make you uncomfortable – why are you wearing it?? Have you been separating your true self from your professional self? Consider these five tips to begin dazzling your clients with the real and beautiful YOU. n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <ul> n <li> n <span style=”background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”> n <b> n n Get back to your roots.n n </b> n n Thinking through your story may not always be pretty, but there is an irresistible, dynamic you in there because of the hardship you may have endured. THAT power is what’s going to “wow” your clients and keep them coming back for more. n n </span> n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Take inventory of your talents.n n </b> n n How has your story made you unique? Sometimes we think the struggles aren’t pretty enough to share but those perceived flaws will actually INSPIRE your audience! Have you taken the time to think about the gifts and unique skills that make you different? Sit down. Write it out. Don’t stop until you have a list of 100 attributes!n n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Seek help to understand your story.n n </b> n n Sometimes it’s too painful to engage our stories or we may be too scared to relive the past alone. Or maybe you don’t even believe you have a story (oh, yes you do sister, and it’s a good one!). Take time to invest in professional help to work through unfolding and retelling the details of your past. There’s never any shame in this and it will help awaken your true, powerful, authentic self.n n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Practice sharing your story.n n </b> n n It can be awkward at first, revealing to others the challenges you’ve had to overcome… the circumstances that have made you unique… the story that has shaped you. Most bloggers will even tell you to never let anyone see your weaknesses! However, those perceived flaws will be your secret weapons. When you boldly tell your story and what you’ve had to overcome, your audience will find your honesty and courage irresistible and they will trust you.n n </li> n </ul> n </div> n <div> n n Watch your clients be “wowed”. People are grasping for someone to “get it”. When you’re authentic and share your story freely, it will unlock the fear of those around you to freely be themselves. This kind of feeling is rare and refreshing and will truly impress your audience. They will feel deeply connected to your experience and it will create a chemical reaction.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n <b> n n The Takeawayn n </b> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n People LOVE real people. What people don’t love, whether they realize it or not, are those that try to act perfect. Instead of pretending, start living out YOUR unique story! Let’s face it, you are not selling a product. You are selling you, and you are irresistible.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n <div> n n Contact me today!n n <a href=”httpss://www.perfectpitchesbyprecious.com/”> n n Perfect Pitchesn n </a> n n by Precious is qualified to help clients solve their pitching, presentation, and communication challenges.n n </div> n <div> n <br/> n <div> n </div> n <div> n <br/> n </div> n </div> n</div>