<div style=”transition: none 0s ease 0s; display: block;” data-rss-type=”text”> n n Staying connected and continuing to engage your clients during COVID-19 adds an extra, unprecedented obstacle. If you’re wondering how you can create a business strategy to retain the clients you worked so hard to get, read my 6 tips below:n n <div> n <ol> n <li> n <span style=”background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”> n <span style=”font-weight: bold;”> n n Start a Loyalty Programn n </span> n <span style=”font-weight: 700;”> n <br/> n </span> n </span> n n This is a great time to give recognition to your clients that have stayed loyal to your business, through the ups and downs. This is a great way to reward your clients, keep them engaged in your business, and start to recognize your most loyal clients.n n <br/> n <br/> n </li> n <li> n <span style=”background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”> n <span style=”font-weight: bold;”> n n Create More Payment Optionsn n </span> n <span style=”font-weight: 700;”> n <br/> n </span> n </span> n n The pandemic has brought hardship to people at different levels. With the current climate in mind, look into offering different forms of payment through various vendors (Zelle, Paypal, etc.) and go the extra mile by evaluating payment plans that will keep you and your clients afloat.  n n <br/> n <br/> n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Offer Discounts and Exclusivesn n </b> n <br/> n n Related to Tips 1 and 2, we can’t know what every individual is facing with this pandemic. If you are able to offer discounts or exclusive offers to your customers you may be making a huge difference in their life. This helps you retain your most loyal customers and attract new customers who may need your services now more than ever.n n <br/> n <br/> n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Be Even More Accessiblen n </b> n <br/> n n With the world pulling towards a more virtual presence to keep everybody safe, it’s important to have an outstanding virtual presence. Since we are currently unable to have large group gatherings, try to be even more accessible online. A great way to do this is to host live Facebook or IG events so that you can interact with clients in real-time.n n <br/> n <br/> n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Ramp-up Your Social Media Presencen n </b> n <br/> n n This is the best time to over-communicate by posting regularly on your social media pages, sending out newsletters, and writing new blog posts. Since most of our connections are now virtual, we must do more to keep a virtual presence. I know that this can be a daunting task but there are ways to make this easier. For example, I use a third-party vendor that allows me to schedule social media posts in advance so I can focus and get it done. n n <br/> n <br/> n </li> n <li> n <b> n n Continue To Delivern n </b> n <br/> n n Remind your customers why they go to YOU! Continue to deliver the best service that you have ever given. Let’s try to go above and beyond, especially during these times.n n </li> n </ol> n </div> n</div>