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How do you go from unknown to legendary? How do you take your sales pitches from TRASH to straight cash? This is where Precious L. Williams, the #KillerPitchMaster comes in to help you.

Having appeared in numerous TOP TV shows around the world and multiple TOP business publications, Precious has over 25 years of professional speaking experience under her belt. Today, she’s opening the vault and offering you an EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Pitch Bundle full of her best Masterclasses, including a few never-before-seen clips and bonus content!

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What You Get

Pitch Please: The Art of Successfully Pitching Anything

Successfully pitching and marketing your brand is not easy! In this Masterclass, you will learn her 5 most scorching pitching techniques to help you effectively turn your conversations to cash (or coins). This Masterclass is a must for all entrepreneurs, authors and speakers!

Perfect Your Pitch

In Perfect Your Pitch, you will learn the speaking industry’s best-kept secrets and fool-proof techniques, and unpack the killer pitch toolbox that turns cold prospects into hot leads and repeat clients. Discover how to showcase your expertise, speak up for yourself, stand out from your competitors, and become the #1 choice for your ideal customers.

Pitch With Confidence

By the end of this course, you will identify your pitching style that will help you pitch with a flair that exudes confidence. Precious will reveal all her secrets so that you can step out of the shadows and seal your deals with grace and ease.

Create Your Own Lane: Dominate Your Speaking Niche

Pitching isn’t just about getting money thrown at you, it’s about branding yourself successfully and standing out amongst the crowd. With this video training, you’re going to learn how to create your OWN land and dominate any niche so that when you pitch, prospects, investors, and companies come running to you for help!

Rockstar Confidence: Getting Media Attention

You absolutely need to have confidence to build your speaking and pitching brand… but what about getting the attention of big media (like Shark Tank)? In this short training, we’ll go over how to have #rockstar confidence and get media attention that will help you skyrocket your success.

Bonus Materials

The 3 Secrets to Get You #BookedandBusy Right Now

Precious L. Williams has over 25 years of professional speaking experience under her belt. She is the epitome of a #bookedandbusy professional speaker. The #BookedandBusy Masterclass will teach you the art and science of pitching yourself as your own speaking brand. You will learn the 3 secrets of getting booked for paid speaking engagements, even if you have never been paid before.


Have you heard the expression, “Jack-of-all-trades, master of none”? Most speakers and trainers fall short because they try to be all things at once. The truth is, most Fortune 500 companies realize that not all their products have mass appeal. The same is also true for speakers. Determining your speaking niche is about discovering opportunities more suited to your zone of genius, expertise, market trends, and the particular needs of your audience.

When Pitching Goes Wrong

When a pitch goes right, it goes very right, and when it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong. But you can turn it around! Precious is here to save the day, and she can take you through the steps you can take to claw a pitch back from the brink, turn any misstep into an opportunity, and nail the pitch, every time.

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