precious L. Williams

Perfect pitch academy



A perfect pitch will take you further than your wildest dreams.


The Perfect Pitch Academy is an individualized experience for entrepreneurs to develop a pitch that will launch their careers to new heights.

You'll Learn How To

  • Master the “Why” of pitching in today’s world
  • Own your Zone of Genius
  • Build your own brand
  • Perfect the fundamentals of all 6 forms of pitching (elevator, media, investor, sales, speaker, and interview pitching)

The Perfect Pitch Academy Includes:

  • Digital/online courses – taking students from Novice-Intermediate-Advanced through different tiers
  • Once a month or bi-weekly training by Precious (live or virtual)
  • Books, e-books & workbooks
  • Newsletter focused on service-based professionals

The promise of The Perfect Pitch Academy is this: You’ll become an expert in turning prospects into repeat clients and customers, one pitch at a time!

Are you ready to #slayallcompetition and take control of your destiny?

The Perfect Pitch Academy is already in session!