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The Perfect Pitch Group exists to help you package, position, and pitch yourself and your business as the only choice that truly matters.

Together, let’s uplevel your pitch game and turn your pitch into profit! Are you ready to set yourself apart from everyone else?


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“Precious brought amazing energy to her presentation and inspired our members as she shared her story of turning adversity into success. Members also loved her “hot seats” workshop where she helped them refine their own perfect pitches”

Jen Slaw

Director of Programming, NSA-NYC

“If you are looking for someone to bring energy and depth of expertise to your event, look no further than Precious Williams”

Tyrona Heath

Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute at LinkedIn

“Precious Williams is one of the most authentic and inspiring speakers I have listened to in a while. Her storytelling technique combined with sincere nuggets of advice to fill an entire encyclopedia with a section titled “Precious Moments and Wisdoms”. If you seek an external voice to help you motivate your internal teams or an individual pitch coach – call Precious today!”

Cynithea Reeder

A Word From Our Founder

Why do the Top Fortune 500 Corporations, Universities, and other professional organizations hire us? Because no one can help you package, position, and pitch your message better than the Perfect Pitch Group.

When you know what sets you apart from the competition, your customers will too. Let me and my team help you build and book business unlike anyone else. With our unique framework, corporate trainings, and Perfect Pitch Academy resources, we can help others see what you already know – that you’re the only choice that truly matters.

We can’t wait to help you build authentic relationships that translate into tangible support. So what are you waiting for?


About Precious

International Speaker. Best-Selling Author. Corporate Sales Trainer. #KillerPitchMaster With 28 years as an international professional speaker and corporate trainer, she has methods to empower her clients to secure millions in pitch competition winnings, secure lucrative speaking engagements, and have helped countless Fortune 500 companies outperform their competition.

From the poverty-stricken streets of St. Louis, Missouri, to the global stage of influence, Precious L. Williams’ story of transformation is nothing less than iconic.

Learn more about Precious and connect on LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube.